Modern Slavery Statement


Our 2018 Modern Slavery Statement outlines action that we took during 2018 to prevent and address all forms of modern slavery in our global operations and supply chain. It reviews our activities and achievements against stated targets in our 2017 Modern Slavery Statement. 

The Body Shop International has developed this statement to comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. It outlines our commitment to preventing modern slavery across our company and supply chain. It shows how we want to do everything in our power to end modern slavery and ensure that our workplaces, and those of our main suppliers, are free from modern slavery, exploitation and discrimination.

To do this we have developed in partnership with a range of stakeholders a programme that identifies issues relating to modern slavery in our business and supply chain and addresses the root causes of labour abuses associated with modern slavery such as poverty and business practices that fail to protect and improve human and labour rights.

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