Privacy Policy

When you visit the Site, we will record and process basic data such as your URL, IP address, browser type, the country and telephone area code where your computer is located and the pages of Site that you viewed.

In addition when you register with the Site for the newsletter, The Body Shop will ask you to input and will collect and process personal information from you such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number and home address, (“Personal Data”). We may share any Personal Data (collected through the Site) with The Body Shop International Plc, as brand owner, of the Body Shop ® brand, (see THE BODY SHOP TERMS & CONDITIONS) whereupon The Body Shop International Plc may make such use of this information as is indicated in its privacy policy available at which is incorporated herein by reference.

We will only process your Personal Data in order to:

  1. enhance the layout and efficiency of the Site;
  2. administration of the Site;
  3. profile and augment our understanding of you, for the purpose of enhancing the product/service offer The Body Shop can offer you.
  4. to send you a copy of The Body Shop newsletter;

Where we have appointed third party providers of web-hosting services and e-mail/data processing services (“Third Party Data Processors”), to allow such Third Party Data Processors to collect and process your Personal Data for the above purposes on our behalf or on behalf of The Body Shop International Plc.

You may unsubscribe from The Body Shop mailing lists at any time by contacting us by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone on 0870 010 1638; in addition at the bottom of each e-mail you receive, you will be given the opportunity not to receive any further e-mails.  

Please Note: 

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that Personal Data provided is and remains accurate and up-to-date – if you wish at any time to update your Personal Data, please contact [email protected] Should you not do so, we and/or The Body Shop International Plc will not be responsible for any resulting failure to respond to or otherwise process your request.
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