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Sleeping well and getting the best beauty sleep

Your circadian rhythm is the 24-hour internal clock known as your sleep-wake cycle. At night, while we dream away our skin does the hard regenerative work under the surface. Our body temperature lowers, we flush out toxins, our hormones rebalance and blood flow to our skin increases which helps rebuild collagen.

Yes, the rumours are true, beauty sleep is a thing. Ideally, adults need at least seven hours and teens nine hours of beauty sleep for our bodies to do all this behind-the-scenes work to help us feel rested and looking fresh.

Drink the right drinks

Skipping coffee might seem impossible when you’re flagging, but the ESC says: ‘Avoiding caffeine, sugar and alcohol is going to help when it comes to getting to sleep’***. Alcohol affects the type of sleep we get and can make us wake up earlier, and affect sleep quality, even if we sleep for eight hours. Alcohol is a diuretic too, which means we lose fluid through sweat and become dehydrated, so our skin can lose its glow.

Go Tech Free

Tempting as it may be, looking at screens late at night is also not the answer to a peaceful slumber. The ESC recommends banning all electronics from the bedroom. They say: ‘Exposure to light from screens disrupts the circadian clock by strongly stimulating certain blue-sensitive cells in the retina. The blue light from our screens deceives the brain, believing that it is daytime. There is no production of melatonin and therefore no falling asleep. Binge-watching also shifts the time of bedtime and therefore the sleep time so necessary for our daily balance’****.

Upgrade Your Bed

A comfy bed is a happy sleeper. If you want to snooze like the real Sleeping Beauty, why not try out silk pillowcases? Their next-level softness can keep your skin more hydrated than their drier cotton counterparts. Silk or no silk, we have the perfect pillow partner for you. Our Sleep Calming Pillow Mist boasts a floral, aromatic scent that helps create a calm atmosphere and helps you switch off before bedtime. Spritz it on your pillow and sheets and use it as part of our 4-step bedtime routine to sleep better and wake stronger*.

Do Some Sleep Maths

Don’t let your circadian rhythms get too funky. These biorhythms control when we feel sleepy and alert. Pay attention to your waking and sleeping patterns and commit to going to bed and waking up at similar times each day. That means making plans that aren’t going to wipe you out. The ESC says: ‘Studies in the US have found a phenomenon called social jet lag from variations between sleep times from weekdays to weekends. On Monday, when you have to go back to work (and drag your bedtime backward), you feel crummy and you’re more likely to get sick’*****. Uh huh, keep spontaneity at bedtime for special occasions.

Get yourself ready for a good night’s sleep

Take a relaxing bath or shower

A soothing bath time routine is the best way to get yourself off to sleep. Choose heavenly scented bath bombs, bath foam and bath milk to take your nose and skin to that special place. Science says that warm water, 90 minutes before bed, helps our body temperature get to its perfect sleepy place.

Try a home spa regime or sensual massage

A good soak to soothe our senses, tick. But maybe you could up your sleep game even further by getting in touch with yourself. Touch, especially the self loving kind, is known to raise levels of a love hormone called oxytocin which helps us relax. So, after a long shower or lounge in the bath, continue your sensory sleep routine with a snooze-inducing body massage with our sensuous oils and creams.

Spritz a calming fragrance

Our sense of smell is, as you might think, close to our brains. When we treat our nose to a smell it enjoys, our brain can slow down and prepare us for sleep. We’ve collected some of nature’s most calming scents in the form of room-sprays and oil diffusers. Spritz our delightful scents on your bed sheets or infuse your bedroom with a nose treat to help you drift off.


Massage skin with a serum oil

First up, our mighty night owl, Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil. This 8-hour formula combines an oil infusion with the fast-absorbing, ultralight texture of a serum. It leaves your skin looking fresher, feeling nourished and replenished with moisture overnight – all in perfect harmony with your 8-hour beauty sleep schedule.

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Help battle blemishes while you snooze

And what if the sleep fairy could work a little overnight beauty magic on blemished skin too? Well, they can with some help from our carefully formulated Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask. This blend of Community Fair Trade tea tree oil and salicylic acid works with your night skincare routine to help you wake up to clearer-looking skin.

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Hit the sheets with a rich body cream

And now for a night-time body care routine that’ll help you float off into a deep slumber and give your body some overnight restoration of its own. Massage in our Sleep Balmy Body Cream to moisturise your body and let your mind drift away with the tranquil aroma before bed. It’s a non-sticky, non-greasy cream that leaves your skin feeling softer, smoother and nourished with moisture.

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Unwind with a sensory lullaby

And now for the king of sleep hacks. Gently unwind your body and mind with our Sleep Essential Oil Blend. Its serenely aromatic scent helps prepare busy bodies and minds for some serious shuteye. Just dab a few drops onto pulse points, like your wrists and temples, and let its gentle floral aromas help you switch off. Used as part of our 4-step bedtime routine, it helps you hit the pillow faster and improves sleep quality.*

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