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Social stigma, lack of quality information and shame around periods is holding people who menstruate back.

We support all people who bleed and nobody should be disadvantaged simply for having a period. Let’s smash menstrual taboos and normalise what is natural about our bodies to help end period shame together.


We live in a world where inequalities continue to widen. Many people still do not have the right or access to products to manage their periods. Shrouded in shame and sometimes seen as unclean or unnatural, periods are not talked about in ‘polite’ society. When conversations are stifled, misinformation can flourish. Let’s rise-up from these societal shackles and help create positive change by honest, factually correct conversations – and give a little more self-love and appreciation for our bodies and those of others. It’s time to celebrate the process which gives us life and normalise periods. Period.



Menstruation is a natural, biological process and a basic human right. It’s time to celebrate the process which gives us life. Which is why we’re sponsoring The Vagina Museum new exhibition ‘Periods, A History Of’ which aims to break down period taboos. The exhibition is a whirlwind trip through time, shining a spotlight on menstruation, its perception and what recurring issues we still face around periods today.

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Florence Schetcher, Founder and Director of The Vagina Museum commented:

"There's an appetite for discussion about the gynaecological anatomy without shame and stigma. It is urgent, more than ever before to talk about and destigmatise periods - menstrual health activism is growing throughout the world, and the UK is no exception. But why is there still such a lack of understanding in the general population about what a period actually is? Our new exhibition investigates the line between past taboos and present activism by tracking how menstruation has been perceived and dealt with throughout history, tapping into just some of the hundreds of theories and societal beliefs that still reverberate in discussions to this day. We’re really excited about our Periods: A Brief History exhibition and to unveil it to the world.”


Since 2019 we’ve been supporting Bloody Good Period, an organisation dedicated to fighting for period equity and raising vital funds to provide menstrual supplies to asylum seekers, refugees and those who can't afford them. We’ve donated period products with the help of our customers by collections in-store and through The Body Shop Home parties, as well as funded three Bloody Good Education programmes. And if you’re a Love Your Body™ member you can donate your rewards’ vouchers to Bloody Good Period who will use your donation to buy the products and transport them to where they’re needed, as well as cover the time and work needed to ensure sustainable partnerships with drop-in centres – because periods need taking care of every single bloody month.

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Periods don’t stop in a pandemic. Bloody Good Period are working around the clock to get essential period products out to those who need them. Since lockdown began, the team have distributed thousands of products to foodbanks, refuges, projects supporting asylum seekers and refugees, a domestic abuse charity, a group helping ex-offenders, individuals pushed into financial difficulty and poverty by the pandemic, and to NHS staff on the frontline.

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In order to create positive change in the world, we must start by creating positive change within. Self-love starts with the recognition and appreciation of our inner worth and value. Why is menstruation demeaned? We call for people around the world to rise-up with self-love.


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