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Learn what the Edelweiss Flower is and what makes it a specialist in resilience.

What is Edelweiss?

Edelweiss also known as Leontopodium nivale, is a delicate flower native to the Swiss Alps, where extreme weather conditions are the norm. The flower is adapted to thrive in harsh mountainous conditions with strong winds, low temperatures and nutrient-poor soil. You'll rarely find natural blooms of Edelweiss in nature, due to the remote, high altitude areas it grows in. The flower was previously listed as an endangered species, but sustainable practices and conservation efforts have since helped prevent its extinction.

Cultural Significance

Edelweiss persists in many European Folklore as a symbol of rugged beauty, love and devotion. It is regarded as a national symbol in Switzerland and other European countries. The flower itself was traditionally used for medicinal purposes and is regarded by some for its protection. The flowers' persistence to grow in harsh conditions has lent itself to be regarded as a symbol for resilience, courage and dedication.

What does it do for your skin?

Our Edelweiss range leverages the best part of the Edelweiss plant to deliver effective skincare. Edelweiss extract contains leontopodic acid and has 43% more antioxidant power than Retinol*. Leontopodic acid is a strong antioxidant that provides oxidant damage protection against free radicals. This means your skin is protected from the environment. Edelweiss stem cells is used to nourish skin cells, helping skin to have a fresh-face look and luminous glow. Our range is pollutant protectant, defending skin from the oxidative stress effect of gases, dust and more. Even more, our Edelweiss range consists of rice di- and tri-peptides, known to naturally boost skin’s defense mechanism and barrier function & actively contributing to more radiant skin. Our Edelweiss range uses the best properties from these elements to create skincare that helps your skin be more resilient.

*Tested through in-vitro evaluation of the antioxidant efficacy vs.

How is Edelweiss Sourced?

Edelweiss is sourced using responsible and sustainable techniques. Our supplier has been organically growing edelweiss for 20 years in the Swiss Alps, through unique conditions that protects its existence and natural environment. Edelweiss benefits from the unique Alpine environment: unpolluted air, irrigation from pure glacier water, high soil terroir. No toxic raw materials is used in farming or extraction. Even better, our supplier does not cultivate edelweiss in regions where it is nationally protected or classified as endangered. Cultivation altitude is also far below where wild edelweiss flowers grow. All these factors help guarantee our edelweiss is a high-quality plant, rich in leontopodic acid.


Edelweiss Skincare

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