Body scrubs & exfoliators

We provide a variety of body scrubs and body exfoliators that are not tested on animals, are gentle enough to use on your skin and may be used in conjunction with a wide variety of bath and shower accessories. The perfect solution for those times when you want an exfoliating body scrub but don't have much time to get ready, right here!

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Rich Body Exfoliator | Soften & Smooth Dry Skin
R 95.00
Soft & Smoothing exfoliation for normal skin.
200 ml (6.75 US fl oz)
R 225.00
For dull skin. Nutty scent. Vegan
250 ml 9.7 oz (275g)
R 290.00
For very dry skin. Creamy exfoliation. Vegan
e250 ml 8.5 oz (242g)
R 290.00
Rich, smooth exfoliation for dry skin.
250 ml 10.9 oz (310g)
R 290.00
Gently smoothes and exfoliates.
e 250 ml 8.6 oz (245g)
R 290.00
Showing 9 of 9 Products