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Eye creams & gels

Vision exam aside, let’s chat eye care: your thinner, more delicate eye skin area needs some careful TLC when it comes to your skincare routine. Our eye care products–think eye creams, eye makeup removers and eye gels–are formulated to keep your peepers poppin’. Try our Camomile Eye Make-up Remover for our gentlest cleanse. If you’re looking for a targeted approach to reduce the appearance of fine lines, try our hydrating Vitamin E Eye Cream. Last but by no means least, our Drops of Light™ Pure Healthy Brightening Eye Cream will help to keep you looking bright-eyed and feeling bushy-tailed. No matchsticks needed here!

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For smoother skin. Made with Edelweiss. Vegan
10ml (0.33 US fl oz)
R 280.00
For all skin types. Smoothes. Vegan
15 ml (0.5 US fl oz)
R 215.00
15 ml 0.5 oz (14g)
R 115.00
For smoother skin
e 20 ml 0.69 oz (19.8g)
R 270.00
For dull skin
15 ml (0.50 US fl oz)
R 305.00
For tired, dehydrated skin. Made with Edelweiss. Vegan
e 20 ml 0.6 oz (17.6 g)
R 220.00
Showing 6 of 6 Products