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We’re a feminist brand and empowering women and girls is at the heart of everything we do. We want our products to be an expression of self-love when women use them, and we reject the beauty industry’s rules on how our bodies should look. We promote women’s self-esteem, celebrate female leadership and through our Community Fair Trade programme, we work to bring employment and help empower communities all over the world. Find out more here.

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Our products are rooted in hard-working, natural ingredients for hard-working, beautiful bodies. We search all over the planet for the best ingredients to help you scrub up your body with lashings of love. Discover more about our Community Fair Trade programme, which sources ingredients from thousands of producers and artisans and benefits communities worldwide, as well as an extensive ingredient glossary and a breakdown of exactly what we mean by natural and natural origin ingredients.

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Our pioneering Community Fair Trade programme has been going strong since 1987. It’s our way of sourcing ethical, high-quality ingredients and accessories from around the world, while trading fairly with suppliers. This helps our Community Fair Trade partners gain market access and invest in social and environmental projects that benefit their communities, and it helps us fill our products with the good stuff. Discover how this programme drives real change in the world and helps us be a force for good.

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We’re serious about sustainability. We want to inspire change in the way businesses behave and think about how their actions affect people and the planet. Championing sustainability is a core value of The Body Shop, whether that’s through recycling and refill initiatives, changing the way we package our products or ensuring we source ingredients as sustainably as possible. Discover how we’re always striving towards greater sustainability here.

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At The Body Shop, we’ve been fighting animal testing since day one. We champion cruelty-free ingredients and we’re passionate about creating vegetarian products that have never, and will never be tested on animals. We want to cause minimal harm to the planet when we make our products. These days, around half our products are also vegan, and we’re beginning to phase out some animal-derived ingredients in our products. Discover exactly what we mean by vegetarian and vegan products here.

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