Night creams, masks & oils

Your skin deserves to be pampered, and we're here to help with our range of overnight skincare products. From sleep masks to our best night creams, night masks and lotions, they're all here to help you look like your beautiful best self. The yin to the yang of a good day cream, overnight masks are perfect for when you've been slacking on catching those zzz's.

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Proven to reduce blemishes overnight. Contains 2% Salicylic Acid
R 175.00
Wash, scrub, mask. Kaolin Clay base with exfoliation particles
R 240.00
Supports the reduction of excess oil for clearer looking skin.
R 290.00
Helps balance combination and oily skin.
75 ml (2.5 US fl oz)
R 290.00
Hydrating formula that plumps and hydrates skin while protecting from environmental pollutants.
R 235.00
Lightweight and bouncy formula for rich moisture
R 250.00
Up to 72 hours hydration and intense nourishment
50 ml 1.6 oz (47g)
R 300.00
Soothes and calms sensitive skin. For sensitive skin. Vegan
50ml 1.7 oz (49g)
R 295.00
Showing 9 of 9 Products