Strawberry Beauty & Skincare Range

Whipping up memories of summer sports and sweet treats, the heart-shaped strawberry could be said to be the most symbolic of berries, but it’s all the more lovable as our splendidly scented Strawberry fragrance and body care range. Each of our strawberry beauty products contains real strawberry seed oil, bringing the plump, juicy fruit to your bathroom and on-the-go bag. Get sudsy with our Strawberry Soap, before slathering yourself in Strawberry Body Butter. Add a smacker of lip balm and a spritz of perfume any time you fancy – this right fruity bunch will be sure to put a smile on your face.

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For Normal Skin | Body Care Gift Set
R 490.00
Bodycare Gift Set | For Normal Skin.
R 165.00
96hr moisture with a sweet strawberry scent
200 ml
R 220.00
Sweet & Fruity
R 280.00
Gentle Cleanse for all skin types. Sweet and refreshing
60ml (2.0 US fl oz)
R 60.00
Soap-free and infused with strawberry seed oil for a sweet scent and gentle cleanse.
250 ml (8.4 US fl oz)
R 125.00
Up to 48hr hydration for normal skin.
30 ml (1.0 US fl oz)
R 95.00
Soft & Smoothing exfoliation for normal skin.
200 ml (6.75 US fl oz)
R 225.00
Intensely nourishing for dry lips
10ml 0.3 oz (9g)
R 95.00
Fruity scent. Vegan
100g (3.5 oz)
R 80.00
Up to 96hr moisture for normal skin.
50 ml 1.69 oz (48g)
R 95.00
For normal to dry skin. Fast absorbing moisture that lasts up to 48 hours.
e 200 ml 6.98 oz (198g)
R 195.00
Showing 12 of 12 Products