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Explore the origins of our Full Flowers collection

Our perfumes draw inspiration from whole flowers. The delicate fragrance shows appreciation to every part of the full flower, revealing new notes as the scent evolves with you throughout the day. Be inspired to embrace yourself fully, the way our fragrance embraces every part of its natural origins.

Full Rose

From the heart of French perfumery in Grasse, hails The roses that our Full Rose concentrate is extracted from, hails from the heart of French perfumery, Grasse.

These roses are grown sustainably and are meticulously hand-picked by skilled harvesters at dawn. This ensures their utmost freshness, being promptly processed on the very same day.

Through a series of extraction and purification techniques, the roses undergo a transformation to isolate and intensify their aromatic molecules. The result is a beautifully scented, clear liquid known as our enchanting rose absolute.

This precious raw material possesses an exceptionally opulent and diverse fragrance. Its velvety, floral tones blend harmoniously with a delightful hint of sweetness reminiscent of lemons, as well as a delicate, peppery petal-like aroma.

Full Iris

Iris concentrate is the hero of our Full Iris perfume. It is extracted from the stems of the Iris plant and is one of the rarest raw materials used in the world of perfumery. These stems grow underground for a remarkable three years, developing captivating and aromatic molecules.

Following the meticulous harvesting process, the stems are dried for an additional year, ensuring optimal quality. Subsequently, they are finely ground into a fine powder. Through a meticulous distillation process with water, we create a pure essential oil that naturally solidifies into the exquisite iris concrete that defines our collection.

We believe in sustainable practices, which is why we have incorporated upcycled iris ultimate into our range. By reusing the processed stems in a second distillation, we extract the remaining scented molecules, resulting in a new raw material with its own unique fragrance profile. You can expect delightful hints of juicy raspberry in this fragrant perfume.

Experience the allure of our meticulously crafted iris concrete, a testament to our commitment to exceptional quality and sustainability in perfumery.

Full Ylang-ylang

The star-shaped Ylang-ylang flower hails from the Ylang-ylang tree that blossoms year-round in Madagascar. Farmers expertly cultivate these fragrant flowers year-round and skilled pickers carefully harvest them in the dry season from May to September.

After the flower has reached optimal maturity and have been harvested, the ylang-ylang flower undergoes careful distillation to yield a pure, high quality essential oil.

The Malagasy farmers use ethical and sustainable practices in their harvesting process. Additionally, the farming of the ylang-ylang flower provides a source of income for the surrounding community. The community is also heavily involved in the harvesting of vanilla.

Ylang-ylang boasts an intense, warm and velvety aroma with a distinctively spicy note that is sure not to be forgotten.

Full Orange Blossom

Derived from the luscious orange trees flourishing in Southern Egypt, our orange blossom absolute captures the essence of this Mediterranean region. The fertile soil and favorable climate along the Nile provide the ideal environment for these trees to thrive, yielding exquisite flower buds that serve as the foundation of our wonderfully fragrant extract.

In a time-honored tradition, the flower buds are harvested very early in the morning using a gentle, traditional method. Skilled harvesters employ long sticks to delicately shake the branches, causing the mature flowers to gracefully fall onto carefully arranged rugs, where they are collected with care.

The journey of these buds continues with a series of meticulous extraction and purification processes, expertly isolating and intensifying their aromatic molecules. The culmination of this intricate procedure results in the creation of our impressive dark green liquid: the remarkable orange blossom absolute.

Full Rose EDP b AC Kground

Full Rose

  • Fresh
  • Sweet, lemony
  • Light, Peppery aroma

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FULL Iris EDP Background

Full Iris

  • Earthy
  • Romantic
  • Hints of raspberry

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Full Ylang Yl ANG EDP Backgeround

Full Ylang Ylang

  • Warm
  • Spicy
  • Velvety

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Full Orange Blossom EDP Background

Full Orange Blossom

  • Citrussy
  • Rich
  • Sensual

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