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Choosing the ideal body moisturiser can be a daunting task, given the array of options available. Do you prefer light body yogurts, rich body butters, silky dry body oils, or creamy body lotions? To find the perfect match, understanding your skin type is crucial. Scroll down to unveil the secrets of hydrated skin.

Find Your Body Ally

Why should I use a moisturiser?

Our skin is our biggest organ and needs care. Daily moisturising helps to protect it and helps regulate the barrier of our skin to either prevent extreme dryness or excess oiliness.

Beyond the science is “Bodycare.” Bodycare means more than slathering on a formula on your skin, it’s about connecting with yourself. Learning every curve, dry bit, oily bobs, pigmented parts and more. It is about deeper nourishment that goes beyond the physical. It is about Self-love.

Dig into our ranges of body butters, lotions, yogurts and dry body oils and deepen your relationship with your body and ultimately yourself.

Body Butters

Skin type: Normal to very dry skin.

Superpower: 96hr moisture

Texture: Rich & creamy

Key ingredient: Community Fair Trade Shea Butter from Ghana

Our iconic tubs are packed with effective, hydrating goodness and have been hydrating parched skin around the world for three decades. The creamy goodness of our Body Butters helps soothes dry and tightness in skin, for all day nourishment.

All our Body Butters are made with more than 95% natural ingredients

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Body Yogurts

Skin type: Normal to Dry Skin.

Superpower: fast-absorbing, lightweight 48hr moisture.

Texture: Creamy gel

Key ingredient: Community Fair Trade Organic Almond Milk from Spain.

Experience rapid hydration with our extraordinary Body Yogurts. Our lightweight, gel-cream formula is a standout that instantly absorbs into the skin and can be applied immediately after a shower for instantly softer and smoother skin, all without the unpleasant stickiness.Your skin will appear delighted and radiant, sporting a healthy-looking glow.

All our new Body Yogurts sport 96% naturality.

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Body Lotions

Skin Type: Normal to very dry skin.

Superpower: Creamy 72hr moisture that melts into your skin.

Texture: Creamy & Silky

Key ingredient: Community Fair Trade Shea Butter from Ghana

Our lightweight formula absorbs swiftly, providing softness, without any uncomfortable stickiness.

Boasting a minimum of 92% natural ingredients, these lotions offer an indulgent sensory experience. Whether you generously apply it all over your body or focus on areas like ashy knees and elbows, your skin will be left exquisitely smooth, adorned with a captivating fragrance.

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Dry Body Oils

Skin Type: Dry Skin

Superpower: Leaves skin feeling silky with a healthy-looking glow

Texture: Silky

Key ingredient: Community Fair Trade organic olive oil from Italy

Our Body Oils leaves skin silky soft & radiant with a healthy-looking glow. You won't experience any greasiness – just the sensation of a sun-kissed, vibrant complexion.

Crafted with a 98% natural-origin formula and contains no more than 10 ingredients. These oils come in portable sizes making it easy for glow-on the go.

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“All our body moisturisers are certified by The Vegan Society and made with more than 91% natural-origin ingredients. They’re also enriched with Community Fair Trade ingredients, so while you’re loving that body, you’ll be helping to support people and communities all over the planet.”

- Phoebe Woods, Global Head of Marketing – Bath & Body Care at The Body Shop

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Shea Body Butter

Thick, extra-rich butter that nourishes very dry skin and is enriched with cocoa butter.
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Almond Milk Body Yogurt

Instantly absorbs into skin and is great for use on damp skin.
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Avocado Body Lotion-To-Oil

Made with Proudly South African Avocado Oil, this creamy lotion quickly transforms against your skin to turn into a silky oil that nourishes and helps softens skin.
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Moringa-Dry-Body-Oil mobile

Moringa Dry Body Oil

Experience silken luxury for dry skin. Lightweight oil that sinks into the skin for a radiant glow.
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