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New generation of makeup with exciting products to inspire self-expression

A revitalized beauty line from The Body Shop has been released, encouraging individuals to accept their true selves with confidence.

Founder of The Body Shop Anita Roddick famously said, "Beauty is an active, external expression of what you appreciate about yourself," championing beauty as a means of self-expression.

This statement is absolutely accurate. In fact, a recent study found that Gen Z was more likely than other generations to identify attractiveness with inherently positive traits like self-assurance and originality. So, ideas like loving oneself (36%) and inner confidence (44%), which are more prevalent, are more important.

More shades. More skin-loving ingredients

Concealer 500x500

Vitamin C Concealer

This powerhouse concealer is lightweight and crease-free, and helps to conceal blemishes, dark circles and beard shadow in a flash.

Pep talk 500x500

NEW Freestyle Colour & Crayon

Multi-tasking heroes for eyes, lips, and cheeks deliver a burst of color. Break the rules with a variety of 20 matte and shimmer shades

Free Style 500x500

NEW Peptalk Lipstick

This easy-to-apply, demi-matte lipstick comes in 20 face-flattering shades. Enriched with Community Fair Trade shea butter from Tamale, Ghana

40 foundation shades, 20 concealer shades and multi-tasking colours to suit every skin tone and personality type

The Body Shop's latest collection is intended to embrace this definition of beauty and upend the way we view cosmetics. It can be utilized as a means of self-expression rather than as a means of striving for perfection.

The assortment is straightforward and colorful. It has full coverage and a natural appearance. It is both bold and barely noticeable. It's made to provide you the freedom to be who you want to be, whatever that may be.

The Body Shop's Global Head of Product Development, Laura Keane, stated, "We think that being authentically confident doesn't always equate to being outgoing. It's about remaining true to who we truly are rather than giving in to social expectations to look a specific way. Our brand-new makeup line is intended to honor this by allowing customers the freedom to learn what makes them particularly self-assured and capable of facing the world. The aim is authenticity, not perfection.