We love our Coconut family. We have a bunch of luxuriously creamy characters and a number of scented saints too. Coconut beauty products, fragrances, body care, haircare and more. Body Butter fans rejoice, our Coconut Nourishing Body Butter is a silky-smooth, buttery bestseller that leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated for up to 48 hours. For lotion lovers, our Coconut Nourishing Body Milk has your name on it. Luxuriously rich and creamy, with a nutty scent that’ll whisk you away to tropic bliss. Be sure to start the day right with an indulgent shower, our Coconut Shower Cream is the perfect companion. Go loco for the coconuts!

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Perfect Stocking Filler
R 430.00
● Coconut Shower Cream 250ml ● Coconut Body Butter 200ml ● Coconut Hand Balm 30ml ● Coconut Body Mist 100ml ● Large Ramie Bath Lily
R 720.00
For very dry skin. NEW!. 96hr moisture. Vegan
200 ml
R 220.00
Soothing shower cream with a nutty scent.
250 ml (8.4 US fl oz)
R 125.00
96hr Nourishing Moisture for dry skin.
30ml (1.0 US fl oz)
R 95.00
For very dry skin. Creamy exfoliation. Vegan
e250 ml 8.5 oz (242g)
R 290.00
Intensely nourishing lip butter for dry lips.
10 ml/0.3 oz (8.5 g)
R 95.00
200 ml (6.75 US fl oz)
R 235.00
96hr nourishing moisture for very dry skin.
50 ml 1.62 oz (46g)
R 95.00
Soothing shower cream with a nutty scent.
60 ml (2.0 US fl oz)
R 60.00
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