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Find your perfect moisturiser, tailored to your skin type, for a match made in complexion heaven. Normal to dry skin types crave moisture and hydration, while oily to combination skin prefers something a little more lightweight in texture.

Vit e dry skin

“An absolute revolution..I have very dry skin, sometimes I put moisturiser on and my skin sucks it up immediately. This stuff actually makes my skin feel soft for almost 2-3 days without needing to reapply. It’s insane.”

Izzie c

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We’ve rounded up our best formulas to help you boost radiance, battle blemishes, ease skin sensitivity and turn tired-looking skin on its head.


There’s a lot to be said for a bit of shut-eye. The wee small hours are the prime time for our skin to regenerate and rejuvenate as it kicks the stresses of the day into touch. Drop a night cream into the mix, and you’ll help keep it hydrated and happy while you sleep. Beauty.


The best time to apply moisturiser is in the morning and in the evening. Whether you’re a skincare devotee or a fuss-free slap-on-and-go sort of person, your best daily moisturiser is likely the bathroom product that needs no introduction. Yes, it might be a little thing in your day, but it’s widely considered fundamental to all skincare routines. Need to touch base on which order to place product on your face? Read our guide to building a skincare routine.

So, this is why a daily dab of moisture on your marvellous mug is so important. There’s a whole host of things out there that can sabotage supple skin – from the elements to the season – not to mention personal factors like age and skin type. Making sure your skin is moisturised with the best day cream will only help to counteract those potential effects. It could be tailored for a specific skin concern, infused with protective SPF or get its best work done while you’re in the land of nod. Regardless, all of The Body Shop moisturisers champion naturally inspired ingredients and help your skin to reflect your inner radiance, so you can shine on, superstar.

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